Meinhardt & Krauss (Germany)


28 and 29 May at 9.30pm (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Performer and puppet: Iris Meinhardt Direction, video: Michael Krauss Music: Thorsten Meinhardt Video: Oliver Feigl Cello: Shiyu Yu Costumes: Fee Heartfelt Technical illusion: Nils Bennett Photographs: Andreas Meinhardt Co-production: FITZ! Stuttgart Supports: National Association of Independent Theatres Baden-Württemberg e.V., Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, Fund of Performing Arts e.V., Landesbank Baden-Württemberg e.V. Technique: Mix For audiences over: +12 Running time: 60 min. Language: German with subtitles in Portuguese


A woman finds herself in a room she has never seen before, one that is entirely unknown to her.

She sits at her table, on her chair, but not in her room.

She can't fathom how she got here, into this strange room without view and exit.
Despite all her confusion, she tries to comprehend some sort of logic and the very own regularities and characteristics of this place, which appears to be a being on its own.

In this room, quite obviously something is going on, maybe something of grave significance.

1FIMFA-Lx13_Meinhardt--04©Andreas-Meinhardt 3FIMFA-Lx13_Meinhardt-02©Andreas-Meinhardt
4FIMFA-Lx13_Meinhardt-05©Andreas-Meinhardt 9FIMFA-Lx13_Meinhardt-09©Andreas-Meinhardt

In 2003, Iris Meinhardt, Michael Krauss and Thorsten Meinhardt, founded the company Meinhardt & Krauss. Their performances are not easy, characterized by their uniqueness and for a great technical and aesthetic care, moving between theatre, cinema, new technologies and original music composition. Their productions have been presented at various international festivals and they have won several awards.

Iris Meinhardt studied puppetry at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart. Three years before graduating, she premiered internationally the show "Bing", a solo of 20 minutes with projections and text by Samuel Beckett, affirming herself soon as a new and distinct voice in the contemporary puppet theatre, by combining singular choreographic and cinematographic elements, among other characteristics.

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