Lichtbende (Netherlands)


18 May at 4pm (Saturday)
19 May at 11.30am (Sunday)

Artistic direction, concept, images and performers: Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister Composers and musical performers: Axel Schappert, Alex Simu Steen Direction: Jeannette van Steen Advisors: Rop Severien, Gérard Schiphorst, Herman van Baar Special music instruments: Max Vandervorst Costumes: Karin Eilers Video: Bas van Buuren Photographs: Rob Logister, Petra van Velzen Technique: Magic lantern For audiences over: +4 Running time: 40 min. Language: Without words


Contemporary light theatre using magic lanterns and wind instruments for all ages, from 4 to 104 years!

The show opens with the shadow projection of a graceful tree where two birds breed. The story begins with the sun rising and the birth of Poufff, a young bird that grows up as an orphan followed by a breathtaking, exciting, poetic and funny search for his kind.

The performance Poufff of Lichtbende is a very special encounter with rarely seen projections combined with live sounds and music. The audience will immediately be fascinated by the projections and music and dragged into a fantastic and wordless world of surprising and enigmatic images.

Tiny objects come to life as impressively large light images. With old magic lanterns this secret world is projected onto a billowing screen.

The music breathes life into the characters and outlines their emotions. You will hear: clarinet, flute, tuba, trombone, organ and homemade instruments, played live.

The performers are in full view so you can see how everything, including the music, is created, which is a large part of the whole experience, where dream worlds and reality mix.

FIMFA-Lx13-Lichtbende©Rob-Logister-004 FIMFA-Lx13-Lichtbende©Rob-Logister-006
FIMFA-Lx13-Lichtbende©Rob-Logister-007 FIMFA-Lx13-Lichtbende©Rob-Logister-009

The theatre group was founded by artists Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister and musician/composer Axel Schappert.

Besides Lichtbende they are also part of the theatre group Musiscoop, that participated in FIMFA Lx10, and the cultural education Group Projectie Project, which have had fifteen years of experience in working with the phenomenon of light and shade. Lichtbende has combined all these experiences with music.

Projectie Project, one of the art education projects of Marie Raemakers and Rob Logister, is a modern shadow play where children examine the possibilities of playing with light and shadow using overhead projectors. From this they experience the production of visual art within the theatre environment in an experimental way.
Their first show “Klikklak” was inspired by the children’s perceptions and surprising images that emerged from the Projectie Project. Children’s experiences and amazement with light projection, visual story telling, sounds and music composition helped develop the performance. "Poufff" is the second creation from this company that creates contemporary and experimental performances with magic lanterns.

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