Companyia Pep Bou (Spain)


29, 30, 31 May at 11am (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
1 June at 3.30pm (Saturday)
2 June at 11.30am (Sunday)

Creation and direction: Pep Bou Performers: Isaias Antolín, Eduardo Telletxea, Agustí Sanllehí Movement: Marta Carrasco Scenography: Castells Planas de Cardedeu Costumes: Rui Alves Lighting design: Pep Bou, Jep Vergés Props and stage construction: Pascualin, S.L Light and sound technician: Jep Vergés Music: Companyia Pep Bou Sound editing: Mon Feijóo Audiovisuals: Elsabeth Photographs: David Ruano Executive production: Pepa Arnal Administration: Marta Corbera Production: Companyia Pep Bou With the support of: Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (ICIC) With the Collaboration of: Castells de Cardedeu, Patronato Municipal de Cultura de Cardedeu Acknowledgments: Andreu Sánchez, Oriol Pont, Pilar Albadalejo, Carme Comellas, Teresa Icart and Polinter, S.A. Technique: Object Theatre and soap bubbles For audiences over: +5 Running time: 60 min. Language: Without words


An amazing show with soap bubbles!

“Clinc!” is a gesture, a movement or an attitude that makes us suddenly aware of the beauty of everything that surrounds us.

A signal that reminds us that we can always make our surroundings better.
An invitation to taste, savour and experiment with our most mundane and daily reality.

An incantation, where viewers are invited to pass beyond the limits of their imagination in search of their dreams.
A show designed to stimulate the imagination, your desire to play like children and to cast aside the fears that lurk inside us all.

A unique staging created using unparalleled language designed for audiences of all ages who want to be surprised and discover the strengths and virtues hiding inside each of us.

“Clinc!” Instant Happiness!

This change in outlook is attained by manipulating the daily elements of reality: the use of water, soap, tubes, circles, smoke machines… The protagonists of “Clinc!” will start to behold the beauty surrounding us, becoming aware of their ability to transform reality and the benefits of working with other people.

FIMFA-Lx13-Pep-Bou1©David-Ruano FIMFA-Lx13-Pep-Bou6©David-Ruano

Clinc! is the new show created and directed by Pep Bou. This new project emerges after years of experimentation using the language of soap bubbles and other surfactant structures. The staging goes one step beyond the traditional language of the Bou Factory, adding new characters and imbuing it with an emphatic comic touch that shapes a unique and innovative performance where visual-theatre scenes are not the only protagonists of the show.

Pep Bou stepped onto the stage as a professional in the second half of the seventies, one of the army of mimes so characteristic of this period. His studies in technical architecture and his passion for the fine and visual arts all came together into a deep feeling and love for ephemeral spaces and the malleability of shapes. His theatre background includes a period as a founding member of several companies (Pa de Ral, La Viu Viu Teatre), until he embarked on his risky venture into soap bubble theatre in 1982. This adventure has taken him onto the stages of theatres and festivals around the world, surprising and astonishing audiences of all ages and from all different cultural backgrounds. He has been honoured with numerous prestigious prizes.

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