Cie Gare Centrale – Agnès Limbos (Belgium)

“Conversation avec un Jeune Homme”

25 and 26 de May at 9pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Concept and direction: Agnès Limbos Performers: Agnès Limbos, Taylor Lecocq Collaborating director: Sabine Durand Choreography: Lise Vachon Soundscape: Guillaume Istace Lighting design: Marco Lhommel, Karl Descarreaux Technician: Karl Descarreaux Costumes: Françoise Colpe Movement advisor: Nicole Mossoux Puppet advisor: Neville Tranter Puppets: Toztli Godinez de Dios Photographs: Mélanie Kateline Rutten, Alice Piemme Production: Marie Kateline Rutten Manangement: Sylviane Evrard - Collectif Travaux Publics Supports: Théâtre de la Marionnette à Paris, Théâtre du Champ au Roy, Guingamp Technique: Object theatre and dance For audiences over: +10 Running time: 55 min. Language: English – some words


When dance and objects dialogue with the same silence... in "Conversation avec un jeune home", Agnès Limbos promotes the meeting of two arts: object theatre and dance.

A dialogue between a woman of 60 years and a young man. A lady sitting at a table and a young man dancing in the forest. Two bodies in metamorphosis that will find each other, under the gaze of a wolf lurking.

She has her whole life behind her; he has his whole life ahead of him. They speak through objects, dance and movement, about life, death, love, their sufferings and joys, the strangeness of the world. Two bodies changing: that of a young man and the one of a woman.

Their encounter rouses disturbing moments, comical, surprising, unexpected, interspersed with animal encounters: as with the wolf in the deep forest, eager for flesh, or the raven, the image of death…

"Conversation avec un jeune home" is a very sensitive and graceful moment between these two characters that we leave, regreting and delighted at the same time, thrilled, to have glimpsed, as if it was inadvertently, a beautiful secret.

The show had as collaborators Neville Tranter on the puppet manipulation, and Nicole Mossoux on the movement.

“…It expresses both the violence of men as well as the grace of childhood, something between Bambi and Nijinsky.
Agnès Limbos performances are meager in materials, yet rich in their endless metamorphoses. Inviting the most unlikely objects on stage…” - Marion Alev, Au Poulailler

“… This High-Priestess of Object Theatre once again succeeds in breathing new life into her universe, this time accompanied on stage by a young dancer… Bizarre yet hypnotizing.” - Catherine Makereel, Le Soir

“Surrealist Collage…
Strange, mysterious yet fascinating: voila, in three words, what emerges from the latest work of Agnès Limbos…” - JM Gourreau, Critiphotodanse

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Agnès Limbos was born in Huy, Belgium, in 1952, and spent part of her childhood in Africa. She studied Political Sciences and Philosophy. She preferred the streets of the world to the University. Agnès began a personal journey that led her to the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris from 1977 to 1979, to Mexico, from 1980 to 1982, and founded the company Gare Centrale in Brussels in 1984. Through the company's performances and collaborations, Agnés Limbos attempts to make quality People's Theatre, full of feelings, beginning with an understanding of the universe's contradictions, fantasy/reality, tragedy/comedy, the power of instinct, and the search for an ever-evolving visual and corporeal language. In short, to create living, entertaining, touching and convivial performances. From 2002 to 2008, in partnership with the Théâtre de la Balsamine, she has organised an international festival in Brussels, in the form of a biennial event, including shows, “short forms”, scenes open to creators and exhibitions around the object theatre. Her shows have been seen in numerous theatre festivals and have been presented in over 25 countries. She works as a writer, actor, director, teacher and mentors young creators throughout their artistic process.

Within the Projecto Funicular, Agnès Limbos and Nicole Mossoux will lead the workshop “The Body and the Object” in Lisbon, during FIMFA Lx13, in Culturgest.

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