Teatro de Ferro (Portugal)

“OLo – uma peça em construção”

6 June at 9.30pm (Thursday)

Concept and performer: Igor Gandra Production: Teatro de Ferro Technique: Mix For audiences over: +12 Running time: 60 min. Language: Portuguese


Every day a man walks into a (rehearsal) room with the purpose of creating a solo, this man is an artist - creator. This solo that the man proposes to do doesn’t have a theme or subject, a solo without "$" – so, it’s an olo.

OLo is after all the name of the man who is tied to this task. His task is perpetual. During this creative process, OLo becomes a manipulator. OLo suspects that is being manipulated.

Within the FIMFA Lx13 we will present some experiences. In an informal environment – between making, showing and telling - we will open the door to the estimated public of our rehearsal room.

The Teatro de Ferro presents its last project in a work in progress version. It will be a open rehearsal to the public. A creative dive into the bowels of creation... In the end you will be able to talk with the company.


Teatro de Ferro was born in 1999. Originally created as a label identifying the creative works of Igor Gandra and Carla Veloso, the project gradually involved towards the state of a professional structure of creation.

The choice of this name - Teatro de Ferro (Iron Theatre) - presupposes a notion of primordial, resistant and at the same time changeable matter: this transformation process continues to inspire them.

The work of the Company has been developed in the theatre of, and with, puppets and objects. They conceive their practice in the logic of a research in which the puppet has assumed a matrix value in its possible hybridations, both tempted and tempting.

The relations - of the body interpreter with the manipulated object and the implication of each spectator in the building of this relation - are lines of reflection that are transversal to the artistic practice of Teatro de Ferro.

The promotion of Portuguese contemporary dramaturgy is a defining trait of their artistic project, the reason why the company has mainly worked with original texts by Portuguese writers.

TdF has been reaching heterogenic publics. Improbable partnerships, the search for alternative contexts outside of the usual circuits of the performing arts, the intense itinerating activity, the creation aimed to the youngsters, and the projects of cultural action, are TdF clearest gestures, and in this way they declare this plural wish of sharing.

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