Public Punk Service (Denmark)

“Public Punk Service”

23, 24 and 25 May at 6pm (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
24 May at 1pm (Friday)
23 May at 9pm (Thursday)
25 May at 8.30pm (Saturday)

Idea, concept and performers: Louise R. B. Danckert e Stine Q. Pagh Puppets: Julie Forchammer and Christensen For audiences over: For all ages Running time: Approx. 30 min. Language: Without words


Two Danish punks just arrived in Lisbon!

They are Ole Severin Hartmann and Niels Albertsen, two giant punk puppets, with 2.5 meters; together they form this dynamic and unusual puppet duo… They are played from inside by puppeteers L.danckert and S.Pagh. The two of them have been walking the streets of Denmark and spread joy and smiles wherever they went!

They are very funny and very strange, but really unpredictable, you never know what might happen!

FIMFA-Lx13©Public-Pink-Service-2 FIMFA-Lx13©Public-Pink-Service-3

PPS - Public Punk Service - is a special force puppet unit formed in 2010 and created out of the growing need for public puppet service in public spaces all around the globe.

PPS: - you call- you pay-we come!

Public Punk service had their debut in June 2011 summer at the biggest music festival in Denmark, the Roskilde Festival, as they performed one of their spectacular dance acts together with a very famous Danish person for over 10.000 cheering people! And then they toured with many bands as roadies and are a well-known couple in the underwood of Danish puppetry circles – respected and loved by all ages shapes and sizes.

PPS: the choice is yours!

The Public Punk Service mission is meant as an action toward bringing more people attention to puppetry on one hand and just to make people laugh a bit in their daily lives on the other side.

As PPS says: “we do need more puppets in the streets to expand the audience to new groups and ages!”

PPS: Size Matters!

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