Polina Borisova (Russia - France)


4 and 5 June at 9.30pm (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Direction, scenography and performer: Polina Borisova Co-production: Odradek/Cie Pupella Noguès, Centre de Création et de Développement pour les Arts de la Marionnette Photographs: Patrick Parédes Technique: Object theatre and mask For audiences over: +8 Running time: 45 min. Language: Without words


On the stage, we watch an old woman walking around in her dark flat. Among the spots of light she finds some fragments of objects, scraps of memory and lives of other people, which she puts together with sellotape. It tells the story of the passing of an old woman from a neighborhood. She is the main character of a story about loneliness and traveling through the memories.

"Go!" was created based on the many travel notes that Polina joined over the years. Covers the history of the death of an old woman in a neighbourhood that could be in any city.

Polina Borisova presents a singular show, without words, with mask, objects and sellotape which draws a world of memories!...


Polina Borisova was born in Omsk, Siberia, and comes from a family of puppeteers. Her grandfather made puppets and her parents teach puppetry in Jaroslav. Other members of her family, such as her uncles and aunts, are also actors.

After her graduation from the faculty of stage design and puppetry in the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, Polina took part in many artistic projects, and then she studied in École Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mézières (ESNAM).

Once she graduated from the ESNAM, Polina accompanied the Odradek & Puppella-Nogues Company and worked for it for six months. This is when she created the show “Go!” that has been presented in several festivals around the world.

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