Cie Cendres la Rouge (France)

“Vestiges, spectacle primitif”

23, 24 and 25 May at 9.30pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Concept: Sandrine Châtelain, Alain Terlutte, Didier Cousin, Julien Aillet Direction: Didier Cousin Automata and puppets construction: Alain Terlutte e Julien Aillet Puppeteers: Sandrine Châtelain, Julien Aillet e Alain Terlutte Soundscape: Ivann Cruz Musical interpretation: Jean-Luc Landsweerdt, Jérémie Ternoy, Maud Kauffman, Christophe Motury, Ivann Cruz With the participation of: Choeur du Conservatoire de Roubaix Sound capture and sound mixing: Olivier Lautem Lighting design: Claire Lorthioir Photographs: Eric Le Brun, Jean Le Gascon Production: Métalu A Chahuter Co-production: Le Grand Bleu, Etablissement National de Production et de Diffusion (Lille), Maison Folie Wazemmes (Lille), Le Boulon - Pôle Régional des Arts de la Rue (Vieux-Condé), La Condition Publique (Roubaix) Supports: DRAC Nord – Pas de Calais, Région Nord – Pas de Calais, Centre André Malraux (Hazebrouck), Phénix – Scène Nationale de Valenciennes, Manège – Scène Nationale de Maubeuge, Piscine/Atelier Culture (Dunkerque), Culture Commune – Scène Nationale du Bassin Minier du Pas-de-Calais, Ville de Sallaumines, Maison de l’Art et de la Communication Technique: automata – full-view manipulation For audiences over: +8 Running time: 55 min. Language: Without words


A fantastic mix of automata, automata-skeletons and humans beings...

The Cie Cendres la Rouge continues the research around its 'ossuary', an extraordinary universe, terrifying and beautiful, with their strange puppets and their amazing automatons in the form of skeletons (bone is the favourite material of the company).

"Vestiges", a philosophical tale without words, a compliment to the imagination as a way of apprehending reality.

In a palaeontology lab Martha is busy analysing newly discovered small skeletons. As they escape to any nomenclature known, she attempts to unravel the mystery of their origin, while strange things begin to happen in the laboratory... Attempting to revive a lost world, Martha enters gradually in eerie and hallucinatory universe. Guided by a small scared and surprised skeleton, she discovers during this adventure a part of herself she did not knew... When Martha returns to her work, apparently, nothing has changed.

“Vestiges, spectacle primitive” takes us to the extraordinary universe of Cie Cendres la Rouge, with its odd puppets and robots made from reassembled animal skeletons, which are animated using various materials such as fishing line, springs, gears and recovered engines.

1-FIMFA-Lx13-Cendres-La-Rouge©-Jean-Le-Gascon 2-FIMA-Lx13-Cendres-La-Rouge©Eric-Le-Brun
3-FIMA-Lx13-Cendres-la-Rouge©Eric-Le-Brun 4-FIMA-Lx13-Cendres©-Éric-Le-Brun

The creations of the company Cendres la Rouge, reunited under the generic title of "Ossuaire Dégindandé" (Disarticulated Ossuary) have been placing on stage automata and puppets, created by Alain Terlutte, which are the basis of his shows. From the same material, bones and skeletons, they continue to produce and experiment with different forms since its formation in 1998.

Alain Terlutte designs and builds animal automatons from bones. He reconstructs animal skeletons, not always according to their nature, and gives them life and motion from various materials.

The Cie Cendres Cie la Rouge belongs to the collective of artists Métalu à Chahuter.

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